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General Terms and Conditions of Business of Logic PAK


The machines are supplied with comprehensive documentation. This documentation is comprised of description of functions, operating /adjustment instructions, a fault finding catalogue, a maintenance catalogue with maintenance tips and check intervals, a spare parts list as well as electrical plans and description of the PLC. The price of the machine includes this documentation in English language.
Translations and/or additional copies can be supplied can be supplied on request. The costs will be borne by the buyer.

Delivery and Payment Terms

All prices are on a packed ex-works net basis, not including freight charges to buyerr factory, the costs of installation/commissioning, training of personnel and any final work carried out on the machine which may eventually be necessary due to local demands.
Insurance can be arranged by the buyer and if not will be arranged by ourselves with the relevant costs being invoiced out.
The complete scope of the delivery as well as other secondary demands are the property of the manufacturer until full payment has been made.


5 month from order and receipt of the down payment.

Delivery time depends on the number of orders currently being processed.

The delivery date mentioned in the order confirmation is an approximate date only, it is not binding. LogicPak is not liable, if such date will not be respected.

The delivery date is to be understood as the date of departure of the goods from LogicPak's works. At this moment the buyer bears the risk, even if part delivery takes place or LogicPak has taken over other services such as for example the delivery costs or delivery and installation. As far as whether an acceptance (FAT) has taken place, this date is proper for the transfer of risk. Unloading and bringing in the machine at the place of destination lie in the responsibility of the buyer.

Sample material

The required sample material in the requested quantity for test runs has to be received at the latest 90 days before the delivery due date, free of charge, duty paid.


12 months after delivery for 8 hour working per shift, except for parts bought from third party manufacturers e.g. electrical and pneumatic parts. In this case the warranty of the manufacturers’ is applicable. Normal wear parts are excluded.

The warranty period begins from the delivery date, as far as a SAT-acceptance has to take place from this date, but at the latest 2 weeks after the delivery date, even if, for whatsoever reason, commissioning of the machine is delayed.

LogicPak shall remedy any defect that may manifest during the warranty period caused by poor materials, bad workmanship or manufacturing defect, on the condition that the buyer sends a claim in writing within 8 days of the discovery of the defect(s) and an exact description of the same.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by unforeseen circumstances or force majeur or deriving from materials or activities attributable to the buyer. The warranty is not applicable to any defects not resulting from poor materials or bad workmanship or manufacturing defects.

Specifically, the warranty does not cover defects arising from the buyer’s failure to perform proper maintenance, modifications made by the buyer without prior approval of LogicPak or repairs made incorrectly by or on behalf of the buyer.

Furthermore, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear due to the use of the goods supplied or accidents caused by negligence, lack of experience or inadequate supervision by the buyer.


40% after receipt of order confirmation

50% upon advice machine is ready for dispatch

10% after SAT, latest 30 days after delivery

The buyer has the right to hold back or accumulate payments only if his counter-claims are undisputed or a final Court decision has been made.

LogicPak reserves ownership of the delivered goods until the complete payment under the contractual conditions has been made. The buyer shall not sell, nor pledge nor transfer the delivery goods as security to a third party. The buyer has to inform LogicPak immediately if seizure or confiscation or similar acts of disposal by third parties have been taken over the delivered goods.


Buyer has to ensure that all necessary prearrangements (e.g. electric, pneumatic, compressed air etc.) are available for assembly. Commissioning will take place after receipt of buyer’s respective written order. Actual hours worked/traveled will be charged based upon our service rates in force at the time of conclusion of the contract (plus traveling expenses, hotel accommodation and subsistence allowances).


This offer is valid for two months. The prices mentioned in the offer refer to a fixed scope of supply and fixed specification. Additional subsequent changes can influence the price. The right to make technical changes as necessary.

Cancellation Fees

25% of the value of the order

Intellectual Property

LogicPak reserves the ownership and copyright on samples, estimates, drawings and similar physical and/or non-physical information – including in electronic form; they should not be available to third parties. Information and documentation specified by the buyer as confidential will be made available to third parties only with the buyer's consent.


For damages, which have not arisen from the goods themselves, LogicPak is – for whatsoever legal reason – only liable in case of
  • deliberate acts,
  • gross negligence of the company management or executive staff,
  • culpable infringement of life, body or health,
  • faults, which were fraudulently concealed or which were guaranteed to be absent,
  • defects in the goods as far as according to the product liability act LogicPak has to accept liability for personal and material damage on the private usage of goods.
In case of culpable infringement of essential contractual obligations, LogicPak is liable for gross negligence of all staff, not only the executive staff, and for negligence. In the latter case, the liability is limited to the typical, reasonable and predictable damage under the contract.

Further claims are excluded.


Information which each other party obtains during the contract performance contains trade secrets. It is hereby mutually agreed that in the interest of both parties this information shall remain confidential and not be disclosed to any third party without the prior explicit consent from the other party, except where it is required by law.

Salvatorial Clause

If one of the contract clauses is void or voidable, the other contract clauses will remain valid. The parties will substitute the void clause with a valid clause, which will meet the commercial intention of the void clause.

Applicable Law

All legal disputes between LogicPak and the buyer under the contract are exclusively pursuant to German law.


The Courts of Aschaffenburg are competent.