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horizontal sleevemachine Horizontale Sleevemaschine

Specifications and machine characteristics Mainfeatures
  • Workingmethod: One track, horizontal, continuous
  • Format range*: Lenght 40mm to 200mm
  • Diameter*: 6mm to 35mm
  • Speed: 50ppm up to 400ppm
  • Tolerance on position: radial plus/minus 0,5mm; longitudinal plus/minus 0,5mm
* Format extentions on request
  • Perfection and simplicity
  • Operator friendly
  • Format change without tools
  • Change of all relevant sleeve parameters via display
  • Partly or full body sleeve application
  • Sleeve print “In-Line”
  • Controlled rotations during shrink process
Product feeding Efficiency
  • Dedicated „In-Line„ feeding systems
  • Fully automatic product orientation systems
  • Product assambly units for different applications
  • Patented transport- and sleeve system
  • Reel change without machine stop for high line efficiency
  • Quick format change (20 minutes, without fine adjustment for high OEE)
  • Control systems of “good product” for high OEE